Whether you want to keep your capital away from inflation or generate a decent return, Iyo Iwata Management いよ岩田管 team of experts are ready to take partial or full control of your financial resources. Iyo Iwata Management offer wealth management solutions suited for both corporate and individual clients. 

Our solutions are provided to individuals from different backgrounds, from high net worth individuals or those who want to save for retirement.

We assure all clients that you shall be informed about any important changes associated to your portfolio. 

Our goal is to produce a decent return from the capital customers have entrusted to us. We supply a simple plan to reduce the market volatility and preserve your funds adequately.

Iyo Iwata Management offer you a choice of three different investment account types:

Advisory Account

  • We will have full control over this account whilst keeping you informed with every decision and changes made from us. This account is designed for those who do not have the experience or time to monitor their trades.

Execution Only Account

  • You have full independence with regard to your portfolio with this account. It is recommended for experienced traders who are looking to get access to the financial markets through our platform.

Discretionary Account

  • Your control over this account is shared with our team of experts. We supply you with insightful material and give you the opportunities to select various solutions. We always pay attention to any feedback and communication from our clients. By doing so we keep our clients happy and are always ready to serve their needs.



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