Iyo Iwata Management いよ岩田管 research team covers over 30 financial markets across the world, reaching both international and national features of every region or country. Our research division offers unique analysis and insights related to the Forex, Commodities, Bond & Stock markets.

No matter if you are a corporate or individual client, our experts will provide you with top quality research reports. These reports are designed to aid you to make the correct decision or help you learn more about your portfolio state. 

The research team begins the analysis process by exploring the macro research, perusing the condition of the economies around the world and the stock market.

This is collected by the use of cutting-edge technologies, GDP growth reports, economic indicators, employment reports, interest rates, inflation, trade balance, retail sales, consumer price index, the state of manufacturing and service sectors, consumer sentiment and many more.

Once we conclude the general analysis, our team go into a much deeper analysis. Looking into each sector and equity prospects individually to find beneficial new investment opportunities.

We apply advanced technologies and algorithms created for financial market professionals in order to function with massive volumes of data and reach the correct conclusions.

We analyse both present and past data in order to produce a prediction that shall correlate to the best, worst and realistic scenarios. Our findings are distributed via various channels in accordance with your preferences.

Clients have the choice of receiving different kinds of analytical reports on a regular basis.



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