Since founded in 2013, Iyo Iwata Management いよ岩田管 has dependably provided successful wealth management solutions to both individual and corporate customers. Through the services and products Iyo Iwata Management supply, we achieve the goals which we set together personally with the clients. The targets set are accomplished through a wide-range of channels, including managing portfolios & mutual funds.

The key to our success comes from the diversity of our experienced team. Iyo Iwata Management has assembled experts from different areas of the financial industry around the world. Our experience enables us to efficiently react to any circumstances by implementing the correct strategies. We can adapt beneficially to any transitional states or stability.

Starting with advisory services and ending with execution services, our team are responsible for the entire range of our solutions. Iyo Iwata Management can manage IPOs or M&As for corporate clients during the decisive events. Our commitment and dedication to our customers has resulted in our client database continuously expanding. 

With over $15.82 billion USD of assets under management, Iyo Iwata Management aspire to reach new highs. Iyo Iwata Management are ready to improve and maintain your financial independence using our proved methods in capital management.

We control the capital entrusted to us with a clear mission; to apply our systems with the current market conditions in order to generate the maximum returns possible.



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